Stand-Alone Publications

Target group
Scientists/Scholars of any discipline

Promotion of stand-alone publications in order to make them available to a broader public. In addition to conventional publication forms (e.g. monographs, collections), the FWF also supports new formats such as apps, wiki-based publications, annotated scientific databases, web-based publications enriched with various media (e.g. audio, video, animation), etc.

Presentation of results of basic research of international relevance

Innovative publication formats:
a lump-sum grant of up to EUR 50,000.00 as a subsidy for production costs including foreign-language editing or translation and open access publication

Conventional publication formats such as monographs and anthologies need to be applied for in modules

  • Modul_1: Basis: The FWF provides a lump-sum grant of up to EUR 10,000.00 for production costs, for simultaneous open access publication and for the editing in the mother tongue of the author

Modul_2 and Modul_3 can be applied for if needed:

  • Modul_2: Fremdsprachenlektorat_Übersetzung: instead of the editing in the mother tongue the FWF provides a lump-sum grant of up to EUR 8,000.00 for foreign-language editing or of up to 4,000.00 for  translation.
  • Modul_3: Zusatzkosten: the FWF provides a lump-sum grant of up to EUR 4,000.00 for additional costs due to, e.g., a higher number of pages or an increase in expenses for layout and image rights. Surcharges have to be proven by a cost calculation.

Accepted continuously, no application deadline

By the FWF Board based on an international review process

Processing time
Approx. 4-6 months (or 2 months for applications involving FWF-certified publishers)

Doris Haslinger
Sabina Abdel-Kader