Special Research Programmes (SFBs)

Target group
Scientists / Scholars of any discipline who are working in

  • Austrian universities and
  • non profit-making, extra-university research establishments
  • One researcher from the team assumes the task of coordinator (previously speaker)
  • All Austrian research institutions are eligible to apply. There is no limit to the number of applications that can be submitted by a research institution. A research institution can submit more than one application.


  • Establishment of research networks based on international standards through autonomous research concentration at a single university location
  • Building up of extremely productive, tightly interconnected research establishments for long-term and interdisciplinary work on complex research topics


  • already available research potential
  • the nucleus of researchers involved in the application must be sufficiently large and well qualified to be able to establish and run a research program of international standing within the scientific /scholarly profile of the participating research institution(s); a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 project part leaders (including the coordinator of the project); target quote of 30 % female researchers requested; at least 50% of the project part leaders have to be located at a single university location; commitment of all universities and research institutions participating

8 years, an interim review after 4 years decides on continuation


Benchmark 1.000.000 € per year


  • Deadline for submission of a concept is the 30th September (date of the postmark; in case of Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, then the next following working day); submissions after that date will be rejected without international evaluation
  • in English


once a year in the last board meeting by the FWF Board based on an international review process