Programme evaluation – the FWF as evaluation commissioner

Cutting-edge funding work requires that the design, the procedures and the effectiveness of funding programmes be regularly examined. In this way, a solid foundation for testing the efficiency and impact of each funding activity is created, which can also be used to ensure the they are set in an appropriate national and international context. The FWF applies the standards of the Austrian Platform for the Evaluation of Research and Technology, which stipulate that funding programmes that dispose of more than 1 million € per year should be evaluated every five years 1. Such evaluations are complex and their performance imposes high demands in terms of logistics and know-how. For this reason, the FWF contracts evaluations to external institutions with the appropriate experience and expertise. All of the FWF’s most important funding programmes have been evaluated by international, independent and expert institutions (or companies). The programmes for which such evaluations have not yet been completed are either currently subject to evaluation (programmes to promote female scientists, the Translational Research Programme) or will be evaluated when the appropriate time has elapsed (e.g. Graduate Schools).

The results of all evaluations are made publically available on the FWF Home Page:

Publications, under “Evaluations“.