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Job-Art: Wissenschaftliche Jobausschreibungen

PhD Student

Moleculare Medicine
Medical University of Graz


The Clinical Institute for Medical and Chemical Laboratory Diagnostics at Medical University Graz looks for a highly motivated PhD student for an innovative experimental research project entitled:


The Impact Of Regular Physical Activity On Telomere Biology.



Telomeres are protective nucleoprotein structures at the end of all chromosomes that ensure genomic stability and prevent the loss of coding DNA. Due to the inability of the DNA polymerase to fully replicate the 3’ end of chromosomes, telomeres progressively shorten with every cell division until they become critically short, lose their protective properties and send cells into senescence or cause cell death. Regular physical activity has been proposed as a protective factor for telomere length through an upregulation of shelterin proteins and telomerase activity. However, existing data are controversial and the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms remain largely speculative. Of particular interest is the impact of physical activity on telomere biology in the presence of other risk factor for premature biological aging including chronological age, unhealthy nutrition and obesity.



In this experimental project the impact of regular moderate exercise on telomere biology will be studied in an in-vivo model. In particular we will study the effects of regular moderate exercise on telomere length, telomerase activity and the expression shelterin proteins (TRF1 and 2) in normal and obese rats. In addition, potential pathophysiologic mechanisms including chronic systemic inflammation and metabolic dysfunction will be explored.


Practical Aspects

The PhD candidate will perform an exercise study with Sprague Dawley rats. Animals will undergo a controlled one-year activity program with analysis of telomere length, telomerase activity, and expression of shelterin proteins in blood leucocytes and various solid organ tissues. In collaboration with other institutions metabolomics analyses will also be performed.


What Is Expected

We would like to fill this position with a highly motivated, young scientist. You should be reliable and be able to work accurately. Our friendly interdisciplinary team offers excellent supervision and tutoring.


The successful candidate will perform the animal experiments and laboratory analysis autonomously under appropriate supervision from senior lab staff. Our friendly and dynamic team offers excellent supervision and tutoring.


The successful candidate will be payed on the basis of standard Austrian PhD student rates.


Name: Prof. Dr. Markus Herrmann
Telefon: +4331638583341
Name: PD Dr. Hans-Jürgen Gruber
Telefon: +4331638580027

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